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The most coveted domains, from .app to .home

ICANN released its list of top-level-domain applications, and .app appears as the most popular domain. Surprisingly, .sex and .sucks garnered less interest.

In a sea of popular words, who would have guessed .app would be the most sought after domains?

"App" garnered 13 applications for a top-level-domain, also known as a string. The full details on the applications were revealed by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Named and Numbers today. The introduction of new TLDs change the way consumers will type in URLs and open up new possibilities for Web addresses.

It's telling that .app was the most popular domain name, an illustration of the importance of having a solid app ecosystem, particularly in the mobile world. Among the applicants are Google, registered under Charleston Road Registry, and Amazon, both of which offer their own app store for mobile devices. Both companies were also particularly aggressive in applying for domains, and are expected to butt heads more than once.

Among the other popular domains were .home and .inc, which each nabbed 11 applications (Google took part in both), .art with 10 applications, and .book and .blog, which each got nine. Other generic domains such as .news, .music, and .movie also got their fair share of interest.

Other popular names include .cloud, with Google and Amazon again competing for the same domain alongside Symantec, and .baby, in which Google and Johnson & Johnson are vying for the same domain.

The next few months will see companies jockeying for these TLDs, which will allow companies to issue out new URLs. ICANN officials said they hope that different parties will work together and partner up for some of these domains. When choosing between different applications, the group will prefer to choose a community-backed TLD application.

Frank Schilling, who made his fortune buying up hundreds of thousands of domains, created a registry to apply for 54 names. But 45 of them are contested, which is a lot. So the next weeks will be filled with a lot of negotiating.

"We'll see if there's a possibility to trade strings with certain applicants. Beyond that, we're going to auction and we welcome new investors," says Schilling. "And you can write that he said that with a wry grin."

Schilling said so far he's put up $60 million of his own money.

Still, Schilling can be happy about his nine uncontested TLDs. Among his wins: .photo., .sexy., .guitars and .blackfriday, which, he said, "is going to sell 20,000 names a week for one week."

Other strings garnered multiple applications, but not as many as you would expect. The free domain only hooked five applicants, while .sex only nabbed two. There were three applicants for .sucks.

See the complete list here.

GTLD strings June 2012

Paul Sloan contributed to this report.