The media center as a work of art?

Even the Italians can have a bad design day.


We've gushed about the storied Italian sense of style many times in this space, especially when it comes to innovative and elegant ways of incorporating flat TVs into interior decor. But this proves that even the best designers can have a bad day.

Although there are many ways to showcase a plasma or LCD screen as a framed work of art, this example from Milan-based Vismara Design isn't one of the better examples. In fact, when we first saw these framed media centers on Dvice, we thought it was some kind of joke, maybe something one might find in a novelty shop--in gold or silver, no less.

But if you've decorated your entire house with the faux gallery motif, you'll be pleased to know that a matching framed shelf to store CDs and DVDs is also available. Classy.