The Magno Radio: Retro fashion made from sustainable ebony wood

Singgih Kartono designed a batch of radios made by Indonesian carpenters out of sustainable ebony wood.

Justin Yu Associate Editor / Reviews - Printers and peripherals
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Justin Yu

I moved to New York about a month ago and now that the apartment hunt is over, my next project is to get all the necessary junk to fill my room. The first thing I need (read: want) is an alarm clock, and I am a CNETeer (read: nerd), so I've been looking into unique iPod alarm clock radios.

Design Public

In my search, I stumbled upon a batch of wooden radios designed by Singgih Kartono. They're made of sustainable ebony wood and crafted by local Indonesian carpenters in areas of high unemployment. The radios come in three sizes, each with a slightly different shape but all with the same modernist innovation aesthetic, reminiscent of George Nelson or Paul McCobb.

The models feature an AM/FM radio, two shortwave bands, and a line-out port for connecting an external audio source. Kartono also includes an external radio antenna with a wooden washer on the end that helps to increase radio reception. Also, the radio can be powered by AA batteries. It would have been nice to have an analog clock over the speaker cover, but I can respect the Ramsian "Weniger, aber besser" (less, but better) approach.

The radios are $200, $250, and $300, and can be purchased at Design Public.

Design Public