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The little speaker that could

IceTech's itty bitty speaker is just great: Small, cheap, and reasonable sounding.

The Duette plugged into the Creative Zen's headphone jack.
Jasmine France/CNET Networks

Editors' note: The eWest Super Mini Stereo Speaker is the same product as the IceTech Duette but with different branding.

I'm a sucker for teeny, tiny tech. It's terribly easy to lose, but it's also great for travel and transport, since it doesn't take up too much space in a pocket or bag and won't weigh you down. I've certainly come across plenty of super small MP3 players, and I've had my hands on some reasonably compact portable speakers. But the IceTech Duette is easily the tiniest standalone speaker I have ever seen. It's downright adorable, in fact. Plus, it's super cheap ($12) and it doesn't sound utterly horrible--it even gets rather absurdly loud for its size.

Not smitten yet? Consider, then, the accordion-like extendable subwoofer. I can't help myself: I love gadgets that look like little creatures. The Duette, which is roughly the size of a golf ball, features a built-in battery that can be recharged via USB (cable included). A standard 3.5mm plug flips out from between the speaker's legs for use with any MP3 player or other audio source. There is a single switch on the side for turning the unit on or off, or boosting the volume. If you want the most compact speaker possible and aren't super picky about audio quality, the Duette is a great option.