'The Lego Batman Movie' minifigures dig deep and get weird

If you've ever wanted a Sexy Lobster Batman Lego minifig, you're in luck.

What's the best way to tease how amazingly weird "The Lego Batman Movie" is gonna be? With an amazingly weird Lego minifigure range.

It's the 17th range of collectible minifigures from Lego, and based on the image tweeted out earlier Tuesday, it's digging deep into Batman lore with characters like Calculator and King Tut. Even the infamous Shark Repellant makes an appearance.

The bad news? The new line is all in blind bags. That means you don't know if you're getting Eraser or Catman until you open the bag. So have fun trying to feel for specific Lego bricks in the randomized packets to get the minifig you want. Yes, this is a thing I have actually done. You can do the same with the new Batman minifigures come January 2017.

"The Lego Batman Movie" will hit theatres on February 17, 2017. It reunites Will Arnett as Bats and director Chris McKay, both reprising their roles from "The Lego Movie."