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The latest joy: Selfies with police officers giving you a ticket

Technically Incorrect: In Sri Lanka, there's a curious new selfie trend, one the world shouldn't miss. And police say they like it.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

The selfie that apparently started it all. Dhada Selfie/Facebook screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

I fear America is behind the times. In so many ways, frankly.

We like to boast that we're the bastion of new technology, but we surely aren't the first to use it in new and exciting ways.

When it comes to our encounters with police officers, for example, we tend to use technology to protect ourselves, in case the officer does something that might be deemed unseemly.

In Sri Lanka, they are more positive. They've looked at the selfie trend -- at funerals, for example -- and realized they can do better. So they've started to take selfies with police officers giving them a ticket. They've even given them a name: polfies.

This seems like a curious way to commune with your local peacekeeper.

Detail of an image from the "Dhada Selfie" Facebook page.
Detail of an image from the "Dhada Selfie" Facebook page.Facebook screenshot by CNET

However, reader Ishan Maduranga tells me that it all started with a picture of one cop painstakingly writing a ticket while three young men posed.

Sri Lanka's Gossip Lanka News declared: "The motive is to get some satisfaction by informing their friends that they had been subjected to a fine."

This is what social media is all about -- not communication, but gaining satisfaction. And so, as Gossip Lanka News put it: "When this Selfy item gained popularity, young crowds from other localities too had followed suit engaging in the same act."

Sometimes, it seems, the young people didn't even get a ticket in the end. The selfie, though, bore witness to their bravado.

You might think that, as in some parts of America, the Sri Lankan police aren't amused by being filmed in the course of duty. You might also think that politics is the art of honesty.

For the Asian Mirror reported that police media spokesman ASP Ruwan Gunasekara is delighted with the new trend.

It's lovely, he said, because it proves that tickets were actually issued. Should there be a dispute, the so-called polfies could be used in evidence.

Canny, those Sri Lankan policemen.