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The latest in personal transportation solutions

French "cultural engineering" group comes up with a way to put single-person vehicles on old rail tracks.

HeHe Association

A "cultural engineering" group in France, called the HeHe Association, has come up with a transportation concept that's a whole lot cooler than Segways: a "personal rail service" that puts small single-person vehicles onto abandoned light rail and tram tracks.

It's definitely conceptual, and likely will never see actual implementation, as it would hit plenty of roadblocks (ha ha). It doesn't look like they've made any concrete outline for how they'd be powered, though the creators have stressed on their Web site that it would be eco-friendly. There are also logistical issues, like figuring out how to prevent people from smacking into each other. And then there's the really big issue--making sure that nobody makes the mistake of taking their cute little transporters on tracks that aren't actually abandoned. Could get ugly.

But it's still an interesting idea.

(Via Boing Boing.)