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The iPhone gets ripped apart

The iPhone's guts are revealed.

Nicole Lee Former Editor
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Nicole Lee
The iPhone is taken apart.
The iPhone is taken apart. iFixit

Barely a few hours into the launch of the Apple iPhone, and already a few very brave souls have torn apart the $600 phone to reveal its precious innards to all. Both the folks over at Think Secret and iFixit have taken apart the phone, but only the iFixit guys managed to open up the logic board without ruining it (oops!). Judging from their gratuitous shots of the iPhone getting ripped apart, it looks like disassembling the phone was quite a difficult task. From what I can see, it looks like the battery is huge, there are about 16 screws total, and it's loaded with a Skyworks GSM/EDGE Power amplifier, an ARM 339S0030 processor, and something called a Samsung K9HBG08U1M, which is presumed to be a video processor. No word if they were able to put the phone back together again (I'm guessing not). Don't try this at home folks, unless you have the money to burn and don't mind voiding your warranty. But if you wish to see what really makes the iPhone tick, or just watch in horror as the device gets torn apart, then head on over to either of these sites to see it all happen in gory detail.

Update: Powerbook Medic gets in on taking the iPhone apart as well.