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'The Interview' Sony scandal explained in hilarious animations

Taiwanese Animators reenacts the facts behind news of Seth Rogen, James Franco, Kim Jong-un, hackers and Sony Pictures with the weirdest animated videos yet.

Leave it to Taiwanese Animators to make news even more exciting. Video screenshot by Bonnie Burton/CNET

Nothing makes news more entertaining then when headline-grabbing stories are retold in bizarre animations from Taiwanese Animators, also known as Next Media Animation.

This week, headlines about Sony Pictures being hacked by North Korea over the new Seth Rogen and James Franco comedy "The Interview" got not one but two videos from Taiwanese Animators, explaining the incident step by step.

First, Sony Pictures is hacked of its internal data on such a huge scale that it makes "Wikileaks and the Snowden files look like a mere trickle," according to one animated video.

Sony Pictures planned to release the fictional "Interview," which centers on two journalists who are enlisted by the CIA to assassinate North Korea's leader Kim Jong-un. So the hackers leaked embarrassing emails -- 34 gigs worth -- from Sony Pictures that included executives revealing their true opinions of their own movies and employees (which weren't always positive).

Some of the private email conversations, financial documents and memos that were published include Sony execs thinking Will Smith's kids are box office poison and that comedian Kevin Hart is greedy, just to mention a few.

"Since Sony can't really retaliate against North Korea, they're just threatening to sue everyone who airs their dirty laundry instead," Taiwanese Animators states in the video.

Then in the second animated video, we learn more about "The Interview" itself, including news that the original ending of the film was changed because it was too gory.

Jaden and Willow Smith shooting laser guns at Sony execs is one of the many highlights in these animated videos. Video screenshot by Bonnie Burton/CNET

The video also depicts the paranoia after Sony Pictures decided to pull its release because of threats by hackers, who mentioned the September 11 attacks and said they'd launch assaults against theaters. Paramount also canceled substitute showings of the comedy "Team America." And New Regency shelved actor Steve Carell's upcoming film "Pyongyang," which happens to be a North Korea-based thriller.

But it's not the news details that make these videos so much fun to watch, it's their reinterpretation of events through odd cartoonlike reenactments of Kim Jong-un burning down Sony Pictures, and Sony execs with their pants down. Rogen doesn't look his best in animated form either.

In addition to the humorous animated version of events, Taiwanese Animators offers astute commentary in the videos.

"So all of a sudden, a movie that probably wasn't the greatest is now the most talked about film of the year and it's nothing but North Korea in the news," Taiwanese Animators states in the video. "Wouldn't it be funny if it was all just a setup?"