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The human body as sound machine

Sony researchers use body as a conduit

This whole wireless thing has had a good run, but it's getting old. The really hot networking trend of the future is the human body.

New Scientist

We've already seen how Korean researchers are turning flesh and bones into a "body area network." Now, New Scientist reports that Sony researchers can send audio signals from headphones or media players directly through the body of the listener, essentially using it as a living capacitator.

"A music or video player sends a fluctuating signal to a conductive cloth pad--such as a wrist band--and this slightly charges the wearer's body. A pair of conductive ear pads in the headphones pick up the signal and rapidly convert it back into sound," the article explains. "Just a few millionths of an amp flow through the wearer's body, so there should be no nasty tingling effect."

Upon further reflection, we think our Bluetooth works just fine.