The Hulk says 'gamers get girls' in bizarre viral vid

Apparently Lou Ferrigno doesn't think promoting physical fitness requires turning off the game console... or creating a video that makes much sense. But it still manages to be awesome.

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Eric Mack
If you're trying to figure out the connection between Lou and gaming in this infographic, just wait until you see the video. Ferrigno Fit/OnlineSchools.org

Former Incredible Hulk Lou Ferrigno has taken to some rather unorthodox means of promoting Ferrigno Fit, his online fitness community, apparently including reaching out to gamers in a new viral video.

In the first installment of his "The More You FerrigKnow" series of viral videos that manage to be simultaneously awesome and utterly nonsensical, Lou drops some stat-bombs while bonding with some animal friends... or something. The key pieces of FerrigKnowledge -- 74 percent of World of Warcraft players are dating other gamers, while 43 percent of non-gamers are still single.

That's a nice piece of mind candy that would seem to be antithetical to Ferrigno's fitness promotion goals, but it's all in the presentation. You've just really got to spend 30 seconds watching this; it's a whole new breed of awesome.