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'The Hobbit' cast poses with Lego mini-fig lookalikes

Lego mini-figs make an unexpected journey into the hands of their full-size counterparts as the costumed cast of the "The Hobbit" checks out their toy versions.

Martin Freeman with Lego version
It's Bilbo and mini-Bilbo.
The Hobbit

We're going to need a cleanup on aisle 3. There's been a geek collision between the cast of the "The Hobbit" and their Lego mini-fig counterparts. Fans are losing it all over the place.

The cast of "The Hobbit" got their hands on their Lego versions. Even better, the cast members were all in costume when they opened up the little boxes and met themselves. You can swoon over the whole gallery over at the Facebook page for the "The Hobbit."

All of the actors look pretty thrilled with their mini-mes, but I give Gandalf top prize for best expression. Some of the dwarves look like they just might pop them in their mouths and chow down.

It can be a challenge to pull off Lego versions of fantasy characters, but the mini-figs are all pretty good approximations of the Middle Earth inhabitants. Kudos for getting the dwarf beards right, Lego.

Gandalf with Lego version
Say hello to my little friend. The Hobbit

(Via Kotaku)