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The headphones ad that reminds you how awful headphones can be

JBL amusingly brings back all the times you were tied up by your headphone wires.

The aftermath of wearing cabled headphones can be painful. AdHeaven/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Most headphones ads exist to tell you that if you buy these headphones you'll be cool and sexy.

Or at least that you'll have your ears bathing in a champagne of sound for the rest of your life. JBL however has decided to play a different tune.

Its new ad exists to remind you of how irritating, annoying and sometimes even disastrous headphones can be. Headphones with wires, that is.

Who among us hasn't experienced at least one of these painful happenings? There's the time when you were tied to your laptop but had to get up to go to a meeting. Your headphones were still attached to you -- and to your laptop.

Or you were on a plane, watching a movie and you decided to go to the loo. Your headphones had been on so long, you forgot to take them off. Your seat neighbor was not amused.

Then there's the time when you were plugged in to your running machine, merrily jogging the pasta from your person. You decided to get off and you got that slightly strangled feeling.

Finally, there's Starbucks, the hot coffee and the spillage in the most awkward of places. And by "most awkward of places" I don't mean Starbucks.

Naturally, these scenes are presented so that you will buy JBL's Synchros headphones. They have no wires, which means paramedics will not have to minister to you at Starbucks.

Wireless will set you free. It will protect you from disasters. It will ensure that music will accompany you wherever you go.

Now then. These JBL headphones. Do they make you look cool and sexy?