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The VP debate hashtag that inflamed Twitter

Technically Incorrect: Somehow, one phrase uttered by Republican Mike Pence managed to inflame many on Twitter.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

It doesn't take long to create a movement on Twitter.

screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNEt

I found the vice presidential debate deeply disturbing.

This was principally because it made me miss Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Instead, here were their second in commands -- the nervous dad with disturbing nasal hair, and the unctuous, sanctimonious former talk radio host -- offering profundities that often had all the depth of a sink.

It seems, though, that once the debate was done, much of Twitter gravitated toward a single hashtag.

This was stimulated by Republican Mike Pence expressing his weariness as his Democratic opponent Tim Kaine kept reminding him of things Donald Trump has actually said.

Pence used his finest Stanislavski training method to continually shake his head after Kaine reminded his followers that the Republican nominee had suggested that Mexican immigrants are rapists and criminals.

Pence, ever reverent, finally exclaimed: "Senator, you whipped out that Mexican thing again."

Oh. Ah. Eh. And, according to many on Twitter, ew.

Within minutes, the hashtag #ThatMexicanThingAgain was replete with suggestions.

"It's not just Latino Twitter that's not happy," tweeted Elle O'Connor. "I'm white & I'm livid that little p is such a dismissive racist. #ThatMexicanThingAgain."

"Little p" referenced the right hand of the man sometimes referred to as "Little Hands."

Patricia Guadalupe offered a different perspective: "#ThatMexicanThingAgain is being a judge who goes after narcos but a prez candidate says you're not qualified b/c of #ThatMexicanThingAgain."

This was a reference to Judge Gonzalo Curiel, whom Trump judged unworthy of hearing a case involving him as the judge's parents are Mexican.

To many, Pence spent the evening denying that Donald Trump had said, well, anything even remotely controversial.

Oddly, he himself managed to create this controversial Twitter hit.

It was perhaps inevitable that someone called Danilo Alfaro would, within minutes of #ThatMexicanThingAgain being uttered, buy the URL and redirect it to the Hillary Clinton campaign site.

Soon afterward, Twitterer Paul Anthony was exhorting Mexican-Americans and Latinos to whip out their thing on November 8.

I fear that before the week is through, Donald Trump will insist that his thing is bigger than any Mexican's thing.

Personally, I just wish this whole huge thing would be over and that a modicum of sanity would peak through the dark clouds.

In the coming days, however, I think we'll be hearing about #ThatMexicanThingAgain and again and again.