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The great video game subtitles debate: On or off?

Do you play games with the subtitles on or off? It's a surprisingly contentious issue, so check out the arguments and vote in our poll.

It's the last thing you'd think gamers would nearly come to blows about, but a recent debate in the CNET Labs over video game subtitles became surprisingly heated. We've boiled down the basics of the two competing views, and decided to put it up for an unofficial vote.

GameSpot/Dan Ackerman

I personally like to leave subtitles on. Here's why:

  • Force of habit.
  • Voice acting may suck and you'd rather read than listen.
  • Comprehension of the story is easier for some if they are able to read it.
  • Sometimes the music and sound effects get really loud and overpower what might be some pivotal dialogue.
  • Those rare occasions when a game will glitch and not play the character dialogue.
  • Accents can be hard to understand.
  • It's easier for the hearing-impaired, or if you need to keep the volume low.

I personally like to leave subtitles off. Here's why:

  • Visual distraction: As I'm progressing through levels my eyes keep darting down the screen to read out of habit of watching foreign films with subtitles; it takes me out of what's physically going on during the action sequences/cut scenes.
  • Strains the eyes: Most subtitles are too small to read on screen unless you own a 50-in TV or larger, which I do not.
  • How much do you really care to hear the distant background dialogue in an action/adventure game? I'm too busy killing stuff.
  • Laziness: I'm already doing so much in the game, why do I want to read?

What's your take on subtitles during gaming? Vote in our poll and leave your reasons for turning the subtitles on or off in the comments section below.