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The good, the bad and The Legend of Zelda

Retro video game Legend of Zelda meets spaghetti Westerns in "Hang 'Em Hyrule" from Beat Down Boogie.

Link and Zelda use frontier justice to settle a score. Video screenshot by Bonnie Burton/CNET

It's a classic Western story: a hero, a villain and a very tense shootout at high noon.

But when the gunslingers are replaced with iconic characters from the beloved video game Legend of Zelda, the resulting showdown might have surprised Sergio Leone.

The creative cosplayers from Beat Down Boogie give Legend of Zelda the Wild West treatment complete with gunfight in a ghost town in their latest video, "Hang 'Em Hyrule."

Avenging her cowboy Link (played by Brian Lee), confident cowgirl Zelda (played by Caitlin Dickens) challenges the big bad Ganondorf (played by Matthew Sumner) to a duel. But when all the bullets are gone and the dust disappears, who will prevail?

Even the music by Chris Hurn is reminiscent of a spaghetti Western movie soundtrack, with a gaming twist.

If you like the costumes, everything right down to the holsters was designed and made by Volante Design.

This short film is under 8 minutes, but it's so good we're crossing our fingers for a full feature. May we suggest calling it "A Fistful of Force Gems"?