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The George Hamilton of speakers

Runs on solar power


You'd think summer had already arrived, given the recent spate of frolick-worthy products ranging from pool-dwelling jellyfish to splash-proof LCDs, not to mention at least two types of iPod-enabled grills.

But if all you want to do is enjoy your music wirelessly in the open air--and feel good about it, ecologically--then something like the "Outdoor Wireless Solar Speaker" might be in order. This cord-free acoustic device can work up to 150 feet from your stereo or computer, lasting as long as eight hours after each solar charge.

Just be sure that your microwave and land lines don't interfere with its 900-MHz frequency, or your pool parties could end up with some inappropriate background music. And keep the portable coolers at a safe distance too--the resemblance could create some unfortunate accidents.