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'Star Wars' and Daft Punk collide in funky mashup

Darth Vader wears an LED helmet and Boba Fett rides a light-up skateboard as the electronic music dance party of Daft Punk collides with the "Star Wars" universe.

Get down with DJ Boba Funk. Infectious Designer

There's an alternate galaxy out there where the Death Star's superlaser disc is a speaker, Darth Vader wears light-up kicks and Boba Fett is named "Boba Funk."

This is the world of Darth Punk, an imaginative crossover between electronic music stars Daft Punk and the world of "Star Wars."

Daft Punk is a duo known for wearing robot-style helmets, which makes it easy to put arch-villain Darth Vader and bounty hunter Boba Fett in their places. These aren't your average off-the-shelf helmets. They light up with rows of bright LEDs, inspired by the programmable light-up helmets worn by the French music group.

The video, posted Monday, comes from Infectious Designer, a creator of short films with video game and sci-fi origins. The music features bright electronic beats combined with a bit of Vader's heavy breathing.

There are plenty of inside references for both "Star Wars" and Daft Punk fans. At one point, a '60s Camaro goes into hyperdrive. We can all enjoy the delightful visual image of Darth Vader peddling a glowing low-rider bicycle while Boba Fett is pulled along behind on a skateboard. You can bet George Lucas never thought of anything like this.

There's a plot of sorts involving two rival factions. A "DJ Gonk" power-generating droid shows up to rock the joint and an epic dance, lightsaber, blaster and Force battle takes place. Now let's take a moment to thank the universe and Infectious Designer for creating such an absurd and enjoyable mashup.