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The full LG Flatron M237WD review is coming...really!

A quick look at the LG Flatron M237WD.

It's a logo, an acronym, and a smiley, all in one. Eric Franklin/CNET

Last week, I explained my reasons for holding off on the review of the LG Flatron M237WD.

I know it's a disappointment to those you who have been inquiring about the review for a while now, but I still believe that waiting for a very similar comparison monitor--in this case, the Samsung P2370HD--will make for a much better and useful review.

So, to tide you over, I recorded a short video of me taking a quick look at the LG Flatron M237WD, very early in the morning. Notice my workout clothes. Also, please forgive the amateurish camera work. I'm still getting used to using that thing and it'll be much better in the next vid.

Enjoy, and look for more of these quick little videos in the near future.

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