'The Force Awakens' trailer gets reimagined as retro video game

Friday fun: What would the trailer for "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" look like if it was an old-school Super Nintendo video game? This fan-made trailer gives the clip a 16-bit makeover.

Anthony Domanico
CNET freelancer Anthony Domanico is passionate about all kinds of gadgets and apps. When not making words for the Internet, he can be found watching Star Wars or "Doctor Who" for like the zillionth time. His other car is a Tardis.
Anthony Domanico

The second trailer for "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" is arguably one of the best movie trailers of all time, but what would make it even better? An extremely low-definition remake, like this 16-bit retro gaming trailer by Noober Goobers Gaming that came out on Monday, Star Wars Day.

In the clip, we're treated to the same trailer that debuted in April, with graphics inspired by retro gaming consoles like the Super Nintendo. Watch in awe as pixelated droids, lightsabers and starships flutter across the screen, then relive all of the feelings you had as Han Solo utters the words, "Chewie, we're home." The creators even pulled in the old LucasArts logo from the "Star Wars" games of the late 1990s, which took me back to my days of playing the Star Wars: Jedi Knight series.

The video isn't perfect, of course. As several commenters point out, some of the graphics aren't consistent with 16-bit gaming, and the sound is definitely more high-quality than those in the games of yesteryear. But once you get past those minor details, the video is a fun remake of J.J. Abrams' trailer. Happy Friday.

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