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The first Apple Watch ads are in Vogue (surprise!)

Technically Incorrect: The March issue of Vogue features 12 pages of ads for Apple's new and possibly revolutionary gadget, says Advertising Age.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

It oozes style, doesn't it? But will you want to keep charging it? Apple

Let's imagine what kind of ads Apple might create for its new Watch.

They'll probably have gorgeously detailed shots of the product against a white background. If they have words at all, they'll likely be few and perhaps even in small type. There'll be lots of white space.

These, of course, are wild guesses you might have made months ago. Oddly, they largely reflect the first ads Apple is releasing for its possibly revolutionary gadget.

Ad Age tells me that Apple is releasing 12 pages of ads for the Watch in, of all stunning places, Vogue magazine.

And they are, indeed, loving captures of various aspects of the watch -- the strap, the face, the gold -- with small print explaining what you're looking at. For example: "38mm Silver Aluminum Case. Green Sport Band."

Fashion advertising has become almost a self-referential cliche over the years. These ads don't veer too far from that. Additionally, they position the product first, second and third as a fashion accessory, with the tech a touch nonexistent.

This might allude to Apple's ultimate intention, which may be to make the tech almost an entertaining add-on to a brand new style option for your everyday (and special occasion) image.

The question is whether these ads are just a one-off for the fashion world, an attempt to establish cachet among the alleged trend-pushers.

When the Watch is presented to us, the great unwashed and not always groomed, will it also lean heavily on the style?

I fancy it just might.

Feel that quintessential greenness. Apple
It's almost like ballet. Apple