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The Doctor will lighten up next season, 'Doctor Who' producer says

After Peter Capaldi took over as our favorite Time Lord last season, The Doctor got a lot darker. That'll change next season, according to Steven Moffat, who's writing a more fun Doctor for Season 9.

It looks like The Doctor will be a bit lighter and more fun in Season 9 of BBC's "Doctor Who." BBC/BBC WORDLWIDE 2014

Wishing that Peter Capaldi would lighten up a bit in his portrayal of The Doctor in the BBC's long-running "Doctor Who" series? You're about to get your wish. It looks like next season will see everyone's favorite Time Lord a little lighter and a little more fun.

While we knew Season 8 of "Doctor Who" was going to be dark, we didn't anticipate just how much more rude and crude than previous incarnations of the Doctor Capaldi's version was going to be. It looks like that will change a bit next season, however, as show-runner, producer and writer Steven Moffat revealed in a recent interview with the "Doctor Who Magazine" that he's writing The Doctor's character to be much funnier and less intense than the previous season.

"We're not bringing him back exactly as we left him, at all, I think that was already evident at Christmas," Moffat said. "He's left some of the burden of being a superhero of the universe behind. So I'm pushing him -- I'm writing quite funny this year -- I'm pushing him the other way."

I'm personally looking forward to a lighter Doctor. I actually enjoyed Capaldi's Doctor in Season 8, but there was something a bit off-putting about his character. A little more humor and caring from him could just be what The Doctor ordered.

(Via io9)