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The dark secret behind cut-and-paste for the iPhone.

Who knew Apple was so... what?

The Macalope
Born of the earth, forged in fire, the Macalope was branded "nonstandard" and "proprietary" by the IT world and considered a freak of nature. Part man, part Mac, and part antelope, the Macalope set forth on a quest to save his beloved platform. Long-eclipsed by his more prodigious cousin, the jackalope (they breed like rabbits, you know), the Macalope's time has come. Apple news and rumormonger extraordinaire, the Macalope provides a uniquely polymorphic approach. Disclosure.
The Macalope
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Sven Rafferty provides us the Skinny on Why the iPhone Update Lacked Cut-n-Paste and Exchange Support... if you dare to read it!

Macworld was a great time last week even if nothing ground breaking happened other than a very thin and a very expensive laptop was released.

That's an interesting perspective on it. As in, oh, isn't that guy in the leotard shouting about the "gubbermint" on the street corner interesting?

In my book...

Is your book by any chance this book?

... Apple TVs update and HD movie rentals was the big news.

Uh, didn't you just say nothing groundbreaking happened other than...

You know what? Never mind. Just continue.

But what bugged me more than anything was the lack of something and that something was the missing feature of Cut-n-Paste in the iPhone.

Behold my mighty pet peeve! Bow down before it! Worship it as your one true god as I do!

I can't understand why there isn't more of an uproar about this must-have option in such a versatile device.

Make love to it! Become one with it! Belong to it in a way that it owns your very soul! Let it keep you up at night! Waste vast reams of paper writing your cut-and-paste manifesto! Let your beard grow out!

You know what? It would be cool if the iPhone had cut-and-paste. But it's not exactly the debilitating flaw Sven makes it out to be.

But, shhh. Sven's about to tell us how many Bothans died to bring us this information.

Well, I hunted someone down at Macworld to give me the answers and after a long search and pass off after pass off from Apple employee to Apple employee, I finally got an answer.

And that answer was "Please go away crazy cut-and-paste man."

The deal is, Apple is aware of the desire for this option and it is working on it in the labs as we speak. The trouble it is having is implementation.

Hey, wait a minute! That's the same thing the cold fusion guys said!

The answer Sven got for Exchange integration was equally exacting in it's detail:

"Apple's aware of the Exchange need."

He's a regular Carl Bernstein, isn't he?

While there is a slew of other unanswered features many have called for since day one, such as voice dialing, these two were my main concern and I was glad to at least get some kind of answer.

No matter how obvious and non-committal it was.

It gets even funnier in the comments where Sven ominously notes:

With recent posts from former Apple employees whom speak of the 'Fear of Steve' from leaking any information, even after leaving the company, I'm not even going to reveal my source.

"Even after leaving the company"? Is Sven suggesting Steve has had people whacked?

Yes, I can understand the difficulty in believing all of this...

Sven, we believe it, we just don't care.

... however, other sites have been sued and shutdown by Apple with little more than I've revealed.

Tell us about the people Steve Jobs had whacked, crazy cut-and-paste guy!

I stand by what I have stated here and those that know me know I would not make up anything printed here.

Right. Well, except for that last bit.