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The Crovel: A crowbar that shovels sand

The Crovel combines a crowbar and shovel into a single 5.5-pound contraption. Being writers (read: indoorsy types), we were only able to identify a couple of uses for it.

Gear Up Center

Ever been in a situation where you desperately needed a shovel but only remembered to pack a crowbar? Nope? Well somebody else has and figured that a multipurpose 13-in-one tool would do some good.

The Crovel combines two major tools--a crowbar and shovel--into a single 5.5-pound contraption. While the immediate crowbar-ey and shovel-ey uses of this multipurpose tool are apparent, the Crovel actually performs the functions of 11 other tools. Being writers (read: indoorsy types), we were only able to identify a couple. The shovel head, for example, has something that looks like a hand-saw built-in, while the cube-like protrusion next to the crowbar end might make a good hammer.

Although we'd probably never find a use for the Crovel ourselves, the sheer practicality of a relatively lightweight tool replacing several heavier ones is something that MacGyver types should appreciate.

If you find the $85 price too steep, there may be a cheaper alternative in China. A popular YouTube video from a year ago showed some Chinese soldiers using a similar device.

(Crave Asia via Uncrate)