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CraveCast prepares for Back to the Future Day

In 1989's "Back to the Future: Part II," Marty McFly travels 30 years forward in time to land on...Wednesday. This Wednesday. Join the CraveCast crew today as we prepare for BTTF Day.

We didn't quite get everything the movie predicted.
Video screenshot by Nick Statt/CNET

On the next CraveCast, the crew readies for a long-awaited trip to the present, via the bizarre prism of the 1980s and a flux capacitor.

On the eve of Back to the Future Day, we're as well prepared as anyone around to welcome (allegedly) fictional time travelers into our midst. Back to the Future Day is Wednesday, October 21, 2015, the exact day Marty McFly and company found themselves transported to in the classic 1989 flick "Back to the Future: Part II."

Starting at noon Pacific time Tuesday, we'll grab a few bottles of Pepsi Perfect, lace up our Nikes without touching them and lament how limited the real hoverboards of 2015 are compared with Hollywood's vision for us when we were decades younger (or non-existent, depending on your birthday).

Joining CNET's Kelsey Adams, Stephen Beacham, Jeff Sparkman and myself will be Caitlin Petrakovitz, who will coach us on how to prepare for this landmark day and also give us a preview of a few of her "reviews" of the leading products of 2015... if we were living in the fictional 2015 of Hill Valley where somehow faxes still dominate and mobile phones don't.

Then Crave's Amanda Kooser will help with reviews of some of the gear from the movie that actually did become a reality in our universe, including the futuristic Pepsi that isn't so "Perfect" if you're cutting down on sugar, real self-lacing shoes and a less-than-revolutionary hoverboard replica.

We'll have the requisite chat about what the movie got right and wrong, and also consider what 2045 might look like. We'll cover it all unless, of course, we run into a version of ourselves from 1985 and the entire space-time continuum unravels before we have a chance to start the show.

If the world doesn't end, join us to chime in. Watch the show live by returning to this page, where the video will be embedded below, or watch via YouTube or Livestream and join in the live chat room.

You can share your thoughts and questions in the comments below. You can also tweet @crave and @EricCMack.


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