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The CraveCast gives thanks for 'Jessica Jones,' 'MST3K' and CrowdSciFi

On Tuesday's CraveCast, we'll talk about new shows we're excited for, plus the most hyped franchise ever and crowdsourcing a multiverse.

Jessica Jones has drawn mixed reviews from the Crave crew.

As Americans prepare for Thanksgiving this week, the CraveCast crew has much to be thankful for -- from the new "Jessica Jones" series and a "Mystery Science Theater 3000" reboot to the endless onslaught of "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" hype that's truly the gift that keeps on giving this holiday season.

Join Kelsey Adams, Stephen Beacham, Bonnie Burton, Danny Gallagher, Jeff Sparkman and myself at noon Pacific time on Tuesday, November 24, when we'll discuss all this awesomeness, and also get an update on CNET's ongoing effort to crowdsource a science fiction novel during National Novel Writing Month.

Writers and editors from around the world have already brought an entire universe (actually, multiple universes within the multiverse) to life in a Google Doc, but there's still a week left to finish it up and more help is needed!

Watch the show live by returning to this page, where the video will be embedded below, or watch via YouTube or Livestream and join in the live chat room.

You can share your thoughts and questions in the comments below. You can also tweet @crave and @EricCMack.

Listen to the CraveCast for 11-24-2015

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