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The combo TV fireplace--just shoot us

This isn't a good kind of convergence

Shiny Shiny

This would be laughable if it weren't so sad, but apparently the "Plasma TV Fireplace" is here to stay. Picture House Cabinets has come up with a new version of its fully functional hearth that conceals a pop-up flat screen, according to Shiny Shiny, this one complete with marble finish (so classy).

We understand that furniture makers are struggling to adjust to the era of plasmas and LCDs, but this is nothing more than an exercise in poor taste. It's also an example of technological perversion at its worst, as described in the company's product literature: "Press the remote and the TV screen automatically lifts into view. Press it again and the screen magically disappears. You can use the remote to turn on the heat, adjust it and switch the fire on and off and even dim the brightness of the fire."

We've got a better idea. Why not just mount the TV on the wall and keep it tuned to a virtual fireplace?