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The CNET TV blog goes live!

Go behind the scenes at CNET TV and get the inside scoop!

We did some user testing on CNET TV a while back and we brought in this 19 year old kid who was kicking around the country taking a year off before he went to school. He came in, got comfortable and we asked him to look at a new potential interface. "Cool." He says. He played with it for a while and we asked him if he would come back. He says, "Yeah, I would...I don't really like to read."

I loved this guy. CNET TV is definitely for him, this blog -- maybe not so much.

What is the CNET TV Blog? Another blog on gadgets and the tech industry? Another news blog? No, it's a blog about CNET TV content! It's about the people who dig CNET TV and want to see it get better. It is where you find the people who make CNET TV and the people who love CNET TV. You will find posts from Veronica, Rich, Molly, Tom and Brian about what coverage they are contemplating, technology they are obsessed with, what their favorite drink is, how they missed their plane on the way to cover an event in Vegas and had to spend the night in the airport, or (in Molly's case) stories about Eli--her new baby boy. You'll hear about Veronica and her producer's 18 hour days in Autin at SXSW or how Tom got the iTV at home even though it doesn't support 1080i, how one of our on camera hosts is obsessed with James Bond...that kind of stuff.

This is also where you will hear from the people who actually are behind the scenes. You will hear from our product manager Justin who will slip you secret features we are working on to upgrade the experience and ask for your feedback, and you will hear from me on ideas about new programming, shows we're contemplating and events we are covering. We'll ask you for feedback on what is working with CNET TV, and what isn't. We want to know what you think we can do better, what we should STOP doing, or what you want more of--that kind of stuff. We want the CNET TV blog to be as much about you as it is about CNET TV -- so please participate and keep us on our toes, hold our feet to the fire! We love that kind of stuff.

Mark Larkin
Executive Producer