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The Cadillac of golf carts, literally

For a mere $13,995.


Let's say you want to impress your golfing buddies but are afraid of accidentally doing bodily harm to them with a mini-Hummer. There's another way to state your machismo, with the "Berline Cadillac Escalade Golf Cart."

It's actually a little cheaper than the Hummer too--if $13,995 can be called cheap at any juncture, that is, for a golf cart. That buys you "a hand-laid fiberglass body, marine-grade vinyl seats, custom paint and chrome mirrors," according to Uncrate, though a custom hard top will cost more.

The Escalade cart is electric despite its SUV appearance, so it's a fair compromise without going the full solar-powered route. And you won't make a complete fool of yourself tooling around in one, as long as you stay on the golf course.