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The biggest news and gadgets of 2014 in CNET UK podcast 415

It's the end of another crazy year in the tech world, so we look back at the biggest stories of 2014. Plus we discuss the gadgets that lit up our year, including the Galaxy Note Edge and the LG G Watch R.

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Gosh, what a year it's been for tech in the UK. With the iPhone 6 , the Galaxy Note Edge and heaps of drones, Brits have been positively wallowing in mind-boggling gadgetry.

But 2014 has also been a year that's seen us asking big questions about how tech meshes with our lives, and the responsibilities tech companies have towards us. For instance, this year the EU ruled that citizens had the right to petition Google to remove our information from search results, and our government proposed longer jail sentences for online trolls. Yes folks, in 2014's final episode of the CNET UK Podcast, we take a microscope to the last 12 months.

But that's not all! You'll also hear about the week's hottest news, including BlackBerry's back-to-basics blower and BT's £12.5 billion Christmas present to itself. After that, we hear you in our feedback section and Luke tests Andy's festive knowledge with a yuletide quiz. Keep telling us what you think of the show and the rest of the week's technology news in the comments below.

Hit play and enjoy!

The biggest news and gadgets of 2014 in CNET UK podcast 415

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