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The best Super Bowl ad so far features Blettner Engineering (who?)

An automation and assembly equipment manufacturer finds itself in a Super Bowl beer ad. And a very funny one too.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

And there it is. The tiny Blettner Engineering makes the Super Bowl. Nescastle/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

The Super Bowl sometimes throws up names that you've never heard and might never hear again.

No, not just the players. I'm talking about the advertisers who seem to populate the ad breaks with their often misguided break-dancing.

Squarespace? What's Squarespace?

The latest name that you might not recognize is Blettner Engineering.

Oh, you didn't know? Then perhaps you haven't seen the new Super Bowl ad for Newcastle Brown Ale. This is a brand that doesn't spend too much money on Super Bowl ads.

Last year, it created an ad featuring Anna Kendrick swearing like a Newcastle United fan after another heavy loss and an even heavier night of drinking. (She was lamenting that the ad wouldn't actually appear in the Super Bowl.)

This time around, the company called for other brands to help it pay for a Super Bowl spot, enlisting Aubrey Plaza and a cow in its recruitment pitch. Thirty-seven brands decided they'd join in the amusement.

The final ad will only run regionally. Translation: the hype they'll get is worth far more than the small amount of money spent. Oh, and the ad agency might win itself some awards.

And there, in this very funny spot, appears Blettner Engineering, based in Indianapolis. This is a company that "strives to find our clients the best and most cost-effective solutions for their manufacturing needs."

It specializes in automation and assembly solutions. It employs precisely four people.

Naturally, I contacted Blettner Engineering to ask how this came about.

Trent Blettner admitted he was the guilty party. He told me: "I saw the video on their website featuring Aubrey Plaza. I thought it was funny and a great idea, so I sent them an email to say we wanted to be a part of it. They replied right away and were happy to team up with Blettner Engineering!"

How much did this involvement cost a four-employee engineering company based in Indiana and Kentucky?

Trent Blettner went all Hollywood on me: "I'm contractually prevented from talking about how much it cost."

One has to conclude, therefore, that it really doesn't cost very much for your brand to appear next to other (and more famous) masculine names such as Jockey, Brawny and during the Super Bowl.