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The best iPad ad (not made by Apple)

A YouTube video of a 4-year-old playing with an iPad shows just how much Apple's magical revolutionary product has broadened the sheer enjoyment of computing.

When Apple launched the iPad, there must have been one or two people on the advertising team (at least one that I know of) who wondered whether magical revolutions should be presented by children.

Instead, we were offered simple images of thighs, shoes and the occasional kneecap. The product, in essence, could sell itself.

However, this video, sent to TechCrunch by a reader, shows just how easy and inspirational the iPad has become.

Here is the 4-year-old son of Moldovan Paul Sanduleac using the iPad to learn, play, and generally occupy his mind while his father films the results.

One's relationship with computers is not entirely dissimilar to one's relationship with people.

Where so many PCs present themselves as intimidating, intellectual, and really rather clever, Apple's products--and none more so than the iPad--offer a cute welcome and a simplicity that is beguiling.

It was one thing when concert pianist Lang Lang showed just how magical his virtuosity could appear on the iPad. It's quite another when a four-year-old can play to his heart's (and parents') content.

What some in the tech world thought was a risky, even crazy, step into computing, is now rapidly becoming the most basic (and, therefore, advanced) design in instant universal computer understanding.

Why else would Target be so keen to sell it?