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The battle for your TV heats up

From set-top boxes to the Time Warner/AOL merger, there's heavy competition to control the tube.


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Forget about the old idiot box--your TV set is destined to become an interactive, multimedia information and entertainment appliance. From "datacasting" over the digital TV airwaves to the Time Warner-AOL deal, the battle is on for control of the tube.

"We can be slamming telephone books into your hard drive right now."

- Stuart Beck, Granite Broadcasting president


ReplayTV gets $84.9 million infusion as IPO nears
The company, which is one of several at the forefront of the "digital VCR" market, wraps up $84.9 Photograph million in financing as a proposed initial public offering approaches.

Broadcasters to send data over digital TV airwaves
Broadcast TV groups form "Broadcaster's Digital Cooperative," giving third parties the ability to send Web pages and other content via airwaves.

Disney asks Congress to look critically at AOL Time Warner
update The company is approaching members of Congress in an attempt to spark further scrutiny over the proposed merger between America Online and Time Warner.

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