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The baby monitor finally slims down

Egg-sized model is truly portable


It doesn't make a whole lot of sense to us either: Baby monitors are supposed to let you hear every whimper no matter where you are, presuming that you haven't gone out for groceries. And yet many monitors on the market today still come in sizes reminiscent of those 5-pound "mobile" phones of the late '80s, as Slashgear rightly points out.

Attempting to bridge that gap in logic is the "NScessity Compact Audio Monitor," which U.K.-based Babyworld describes as "about the size of an egg" and having a range of up to 200 meters (about 656 feet). It can even be worn around the neck, for those of us absent-minded mums and dads, at a price of 50 pounds (about $99).

We're wondering if there's a way to hook up these monitors to one of those new Motorola helmets. Parenting, after all, is a contact sport.