The Apple store of pot

A former industrial engineer in Denver intends to build the most alluring, tasteful pot dispensary on the planet, with the Apple store as his inspiration.

So imagine this with a marijuana leaf instead of an Apple.

Let's say you were going to get into pot.

No, not for medicinal reasons. For money, for business, to secure your family's future and all that.

Suddenly, the state where you live decides that pot is quite an acceptable business proposition. So you decide to create a dispensary to attract the troubled, the monied and the naturally pot-headed.

What should your dispensary look like? Should it have large leaves on the walls and be called Pot Jungle? How about placing random beige towels and armchairs about the place and calling it Pot Barn?

Andy Williams, a 45-year-old former industrial engineer is thinking different. He is modeling his new, two-story pot dispensary on the Apple store.

"It's going to be all white and beautiful," he told the Associated Press.

All things white and beautiful will undoubtedly attract all creatures great and small. This is something Apple has proved over the years.

So Williams intends to ensure that his 40,000 square feet of space will be an airy invitation to bathe in everything about marijuana.

Yes, happy shoppers seeking to be even more happy will be able to wander round this pristine space and watch drying buds (for the mouth, rather than the ears) and genius pot trimmers.

Legal recreational pot sales begin on New Year's Day in Colorado and Williams speaks with all the passion of Steve Jobs.

"We are building an impressive showcase for the world, to show them this is an industry," he told the AP.

He's been involved in the pot business since 2009. He and his brother talked friends and relatives into lending them $630,000 to open something called Medicine Man.

He must, therefore, be quite a salesman. Now his wildest dreams are being realized in the cold light of a Colorado day.

Of course, one hopes that his new dispensary doesn't look too much like an Apple store, as the company's legendarily muscular lawyers will arrive forthwith and begin examining his staircases, tables and even the shade of white on his walls.

I can see the movie in a few years' time. It will be called "Williams." Andy Williams will be played by a still young-looking Ashton Kutcher. It will examine the dark days when he feared that he would be arrested and never see his family again.

It will end on a high.