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The ad that uses YouTube brilliantly

A Liquid Paper-like product's ad, created specifically to run on YouTube, shows the possibility of creating something remarkable on a site for which display advertising is becoming a key profit-making component.

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There is a strange and troubling rumor that YouTube is actually beginning to make money. (No, this is not merely because of the millions who continue to enjoy JK's supremely inventive wedding dance.)

Indeed, Google CEO Eric Schmidt was quoted by The New York Times as saying, "YouTube is a big component of our display revenue, and display is our next big business."

There is even talk that YouTube will earn $450 million this year. But it's hard to remember too many great ads that have graced YouTube's often prosaic surface.

However, I am grateful to MediaBeat for bringing to my attention this lovely ad for the Liquid Paper-like product Tipp-Ex--an ad clearly constructed specifically to take advantage of YouTube's many physical dimensions.

(The ad does include a few injudiciously excitable phrases, so I'll put on the seat belt sign: NSFW--not safe for work.)

As you enjoy watching the hunter in this home-video-like ad avail himself of the Tipp-Ex--which is conveniently displayed next to the bogus home video in what would otherwise be a conventional and boring little YouTube ad box--please also enjoy some of the possibilities the ad gives you, once you realize the bear might not die. (In this respect, the ad may well have been influenced by Burger King's "subservient chicken" of several years ago, not to mention the more recent Old Spice campaign.)

There will be those who will enter difficult words like "kissing" in the space the Tipp-Ex creates in the title of the "home video." Inserting the word "kissing" is actually a good place to start. You will see that the creators are blessed with a fine sense of the absurd.

There was a day when it was the ads--especially in countries like the U.K.--that elevated the style level of TV. Now, perhaps, the lovable mess that is YouTube might be considerably lifted by more ads of this quality.