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The $99 touch-screen MP3 player has arrived

Donald Bell offers his review of the Memorex TouchMP, a touch-screen MP3 player offered for $99.

Photo of the Memorex TouchMP.
The Memorex TouchMP brings touch-screen tech to the penny-pinching masses. Donald Bell/CNET Networks

Touch screens are all the rage, gracing everything from cell phones to roulette tables. Trouble is, when you hear the words "touch screen" the dollar signs immediately start rolling in your head.

But you don't have to break the bank to get your hands some touch-screen tech. For just $99, the Memorex TouchMP offers a decent assortment of portable media player features powered by a zippy and practical touch-screen interface.

It's no iPod Touch, but for $99, the TouchMP isn't a half-bad choice for someone who's obsessed with touch-screen technology but doesn't need to carry around a $300 MP3 player. To find out more, take a look at CNET's full review and First Look video for the Memorex TouchMP.