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The 404 Podcast 465: Where the television will not be revolutionized

Today's episode of The 404 podcast is brought to you by ageism, cell phones, discrimination, Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, and racism. Oh, and listeners like you.

Martin Cooper, inventor of the mobile phone. LetsGo Mobile

We've been accused (and mostly guilty) of saying a lot of heinous things on The 404, but we refuse to just rest on our laurels and accept these recent allegations of AGEISM. The accusation actually comes at a good time for the show, since the majority of the episodes this week have dealt with censorship, video game ratings, parental responsibility, and childhood development--why not throw ageism into the mix?

We intercepted a Call-From-The-Public from a 50-year-old man who jokingly accused us of being ageist, and we're not! The fact that Wilson appears to be 48 but is actually only 25 should be enough, right? I guess it doesn't help that the first story of the day is about Martin Cooper, the inventor of the cell phone, who thinks that modern handsets are just "too complicated."

Cooper is a former Motorola engineer who's credited with inventing the handheld cellphone back in 1973. He isn't too happy about the current state of mobile handsets and actually imagines a future with "a number of specialist devices that focus on one thing that will improve our lives." Um, Mr. Cooper--we understand that it's been awhile since you were in the mix, but certain things have come to light...maybe we should start here.

iPhones Gone Wild Noupe

After giving a brief rundown of each of our cell phone histories, we segue into the latest iPhone app to hit the streets, and big surprise, it's based on the wildly popular Girls Gone Wild series.

The GGW iPhone game is basically just a photo library of the starlets you see on the GGW TV show, but the game is a "test of resistance." In other words, the app asks you random trivia questions while attempting to distract you with 80 pictures of beautiful women in "warm weather clothing." Since this is the iPhone App Store, don't download the game expecting to see nudity, although it has been given a 17+ rating for suggestive themes.

Plenty more stories to get to, including a very awkward voice mail in Calls From the Public, and more details about Tony Hawk's appearance Monday, November 16. Have a great Wednesday, everyone!



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