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The 404 Podcast 463: Where we're not that funny, but at least we try

Now that Wilson Justin have had some time to recover, they attempt to retrace the events of Friday's birthday karaoke bash.

Now that we've had ample time to recover, Wilson and Justin take a few moments out of today's episode of The 404 Podcast to attempt to retrace the events of Wilson's Friday night birthday bash. The night started with a stomach full of Korean Fried Chicken, which you should definitely check out if you live in New York--it's addicting, for real. After that, Wilson surprised us all (not really) with a night of karaoke, which started off innocently enough with Aqua's Barbie Girl and Enrique Iglesias' "Escape," but quickly turned into a rockstar-wannabe free-for-all as Justin and Wilson laid waste to their dignity and belted out that awfully addicting Black Eyed Peas song "I Gotta Feeling." MAZEL TOV! Check out the show to hear all the details and follow the photo slideshow to witness our humiliation.


If you've ever wanted to show a Facebook friend how much you despise their mundane status updates and links, a "dislike" button might be your dream feature come true. French developer Thomas Moquet created a Firefox Extension that adds a dislike button to Facebook pages, but other Facebook users must have the extension installed as well to see the note. If you're not a fan of the open-source browser, there's also a Facebook Group that you can join to petition for the absent feature. The question is, should we really bring that element of negativity to our beloved social network? Listen the entire episode to hear our point of view.

In atypical Monday fashion, we actually dig deep into Internet censorship and the age that kids should be allowed to play games rated "Mature." The conversation is sparked by a very informed 13-year-old who left us a voicemail bringing up a great point about the different maturity levels that exist within a specific age bracket, and we're happy to discuss a topic that raises so many questions about maturity level, parental responsibilities, censoring Web content, all goes down in the second half of the show, so listen up and leave us a voicemail (1866-404-CNET) or e-mail the404[at]cnet[dot]com to voice your opinion!



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