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The 404 932: Where one size misfits all (podcast)

On today's 404 podcast, we'll chat about Anonymous threats to Fox News and Facebook, Unreal Tournament to cure lazy eye, Netflix's plummeting stock, and perverted TSA notes, and we welcome our newest intern, Jon Bon Jovi.

Whew! Today was an extralong episode, and we start things off speculating about the mysterious location of Grand Theft Auto V. The teaser Web site from Rockstar Games hints at a financial theme, so we're definitely thinking an American city known for its financial institutions...Washington, maybe? Or maybe it's Billings, Mont.? Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, perhaps? We'll know for sure on November 2.


Bringing up GTA inevitably devolves into a discussion on the negative effects of video game violence on children (Godwin's law, too), but luckily the ophthalmologists over at the Micro Surgical Eye Clinic in Kolkata, India, are using games for good.

This team has found that a modified version of the first-person shooting game Unreal Tournament can be used to strengthen the eyesight of teenagers suffering from amblyopia, or "lazy eye syndrome." Still no progress being made on the cure for "lazy everything else" syndrome.

We'll also talk about why Netflix lost 800,000 subscribers and fell 34 percent to $77.93 in this morning's trading, and hand it over to Jon Bon Jovi for our weekly community outreach segment to hear about his new pay-what-you-can restaurant in New Jersey...today we learned (TWL) that Obama appointed him the White House Council for Community Solutions in 2010!

Finally, mostly out of fear, we'll lightly graze Anonymous' threat against Fox news today. The group promised the destruction of the network and its affiliates on November 5, the same day they promised to bring Facebook to its knees. If you're employed by either of them, next week seems like a great time for a vacation.

There's plenty more news to get to, so check out the links below and don't forget about our next 404 Meetup on November 10 at CNET's Gotham Live Holiday Guide! Come say hi, and stay for all the live tutorials, boot camps, speed dating seminar, and portrait photography going on all week.

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