The 404 764: Where evil has its winning ways (podcast)

Steve Jobs celebrates his birthday a gaggle of new Apple Macbook Pro laptops. Full disclosure: this podcast episode includes a story about Justin Bieber. There's a Robocop story in there too, just to even things out.

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Every Thursday is a treat for 404 Podcast listeners because Natali Morris is on the show, but today is extra special because it's Steve Jobs's birthday! To celebrate, Apple announced a flock of brand new Macbook Pro laptops with big changes under the hood.

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The new 13, 15, and 17 inch sizes all have a high def web cam and Intel's new Sandy Bridge processors, but they're also the first to include Intel's new hardware connector called Thunderbolt, the official name for Intel's Light Peak I/O data transfer technology.

Thunderbolt is a big step for Apple and computers in general as it's a new cable system that unifies the way that devices like smartphones, hard drives, and other accesories interface with computers.

The technology boosts the speed and responsiveness of media files along a single wire, and Intel claims it can transfer a full HD movie in less than 30 seconds. It also uses the exact same shape as Apple's current Mini DisplayPort for backward compatibility with existing Apple displays.

How much would you pay for a lock of Justin Bieber's hair? The teen hearthrob recently got a haircut (to the soundtrack of a thousand crying tweens) and donated a lock of it for an eBay auction sponsored by Ellen DeGeneres. It's currently priced at almost $7000 with six days left to bid, so act soon if you want to add the final touches to your JB doll.

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Although Jeff surprisingly isn't one of them, fans of the Robocop movie are surprised to hear that the sequel may still be happening. MGM reportedly had trouble last year raising the funds to support the remake, but plans have resumed with Black Swan director Darren Aronofsky at the helm. The interest may have also gotten a kick in the butt thanks to last week's successful Kickstarter Project to build a RoboCop statue in the city of Detroit.

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