The 404 755: Where the Verizon iPhone is too damn cold (podcast)

After buying Palm, HP re-enters the smartphone wars with two new handsets and a WebOS tablet; a third-generation iPad could already be in the works; and a continuation of yesterday's debate about ESRB video game ratings!

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Watch this: Ep. 755: Where the Verizon iPhone is too damn cold
A chilly Wilson G. Tang and Mark Licea prepare for Verizon iPhonemageddon. Sarah Tew/CNET

Hundreds of Appleheads lined up last summer for the release of the Apple iPhone 4, but the turnout for today's Verizon iPhone 4 offering is significantly more dismal thanks to the frigid temperatures. Nevertheless, our CNET TV team braved the weather to bring you coverage, so check it out!

HP announced three new WebOS devices yesterday, and shoppers can now pick between small, medium, and large: the HP TouchPad, HP Pre 3, and HP Veer.

The Veer is essentially a microscopic version of the Palm Pre, with a QWERTY keyboard, and we like its 3.6-inch capacitive screen, but we're mostly excited about the latest version of WebOS.

Unfortunately, former Palm CEO Jon Rubinstein announced yesterday that due to hardware constraints, HP had to break its promise that the first-generation Palm smartphones (Pre, Pre Plus, Pre Pixi) would get the 3.0 update. They won't.

So, basically, you'll need to buy into the new HP ecosystem if you want to benefit from new features like instant sync and the ability to receive and answer texts and calls on your HP TouchPad.


HP's newest tablet PC sounds good (for now) with a Qualcomm Snapdragon dual-core 1.2GHz processor, 9.7-inch touch display with the same resolution as the current iPad, and a single 1.2MP front-facing camera, but we're wondering if it's too little, too late for HP to enter the market, especially since there's already chatter about an Apple iPad 3 coming this fall.

We hate to spend so much show time speculating, but the Wall Street Journal published an article yesterday that confirms the next iPad 2 will not feature the the iPhone 4's retina display, which could mean that the iPad 2 upgrades will be to the original as the iPhone 3GS was to the 3G. It's all speculation at this point, but we're excited to see how app developers will respond to WebOS diving back into the mobile market.

Much thanks to Sean from Vancouver for saving us from a video voice mail drought! He left us this message that features impressive production value and a live guitar. Thanks, Sean!

We were also flooded with voice mails responding to yesterday's discussion about how much detail to include with the ESRB rating on the back of video game boxes, so thanks for your input!

More importantly, the Internet is not without vigilante justice, as the good folks at Reddit and Rock, Paper, Shotgun have already taken up arms against John Brandon, the original Fox News "reporter."

Episode 755


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