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The 404 746: Where would it matter if they did? (podcast)

Today we rate the generic pizza spots in NYC, rescind our comments about but not the Black Eyed Peas, and elevate Caroline McCarthy to celebrity status.

In the 3-plus years we've been recording The 404 Podcast, we've gotten really good at pissing people off, and today I messed with the wrong group: New York pizza snobs. It was probably my fault for admitting my excitement over a new Papa John's opening up in my neighborhood, but the secret's out and I can't hide my love for generic pizza anymore. What can I say--I'm a free-agent pizza guy, and what's wrong with Sbarro, anyway?

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Getting into some of today's tech headlines, Sony released some kind of handheld gaming device that nobody cares about. Just kidding. Jeff cares so much he took the day off work yesterday to focus entirely on the Sony Next Generation Portable that Brooke Crothers accurately describes as the Apple iPad on steroids.

Jeff breaks down the impressive updates on the NGP including its ARM processor design with four cores that give it about four times the CPU and GPU performance of the iPhone 4, according to Lineley Group senior analyst Joe Byrne.

Another great feature on the NGP is the dual capacitive touch areas on the front and rear that let gamers interact with the device without their fingers blocking the viewing area on the front screen.

It'll certainly require a semisteep learning curve for first-time users, but at least we finally get a portable device that combines the iPhone's capacitive screen with physical gaming buttons.

Caroline McCarthy writes an insanely popular blog on CNET that's now reserved her a spot on a search marketing firm's infographic that asks "Which Female Tech Influencer Are You?"

We have no idea whether or not she approves of this flowchart that kind of looks like something out of YM Magazine in the '90s, but we're proud nevertheless of Caroline for being included alongside other tech pundits like Google VP Marissa Mayer and Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg. Take the test and hope for the best!

We also have a few decent voice mails to play today, but the well is running dry, so keep them coming! Give us a call at 1-866-404-CNET or record a video voice mail on YouTube and send the link to the404(at)cnet(dot)com and we'll play it on a future episode! And yes, Wilson looks ridiculous in his skully--LEAVE HIM ALONE!! (haha)

Episode 746

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