The 404 730: Where like, whatever, you know what I mean? (podcast)

Today's headlines include a urine-controlled video game, Kinect 3D sex (for real!), successful pickup lines around the world, and the most irritating word of the year!

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Natali is back from her burrito-tour of San Francisco and hops back into the studio for the last Natali Thursday of 2010! Today's headlines include a video game controlled by your urine, a porn company making your Microsoft Kinect 3D sex simulation dreams come true, the most successful pickup lines according to geographic location, and we reveal the most irritating word of the year!

Watch this: Ep. 730: Where like, whatever, you know what I mean?

Sega finally unveils a video game that non-gamers like myself can enjoy, because the objective is to pee all over the game. Sega Toys is testing a new minigame in Japan called Toirrettsu that comes with a sensor that can measure the speed of urination and score games accordingly.

Japan hopes that the game will encourage people to take better aim in the bathroom, but Jeff tells us that America already has its own version of the pissing match.

You've been waiting for it since the day Microsoft unveiled the Kinect motion control accessory, and we've finally arrived: after two months, adult software vendor ThriXXX released a statement today describing forthcoming Kinect-powered softwarethat will use gestures, spoken commands, and objects in a sexual gaming environment. This segment of the show is worth watching the video for Natali's gestures alone!

According to a survey from online dating site Badoo, the secret of international dating is to spout localized pick-up lines.

The site's "Compliment Success Index" analyzed over 200,000 online conversations in 11 languages to determine the best opening line for women from different countries. So the next time you're in a United Nations Security Council caucus, be sure to compliment that Portuguese woman on her perfect ears!

Episode 730


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