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The 404 723: Where we eat a bacon explosion (podcast)

Caroline McCarthy takes Wilson's place today for a review on Mark Zuckerberg's 60 Minutes interview, the Furry Phenomenon, American Psycho:The Musical, and a $62k iPhone crafted with T-Rex teeth and meteors.

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CNET's social-networking expert Caroline McCarthy fills in for Wilson and gives us her take on Mark Zuckerberg's appearance on "60 Minutes" Sunday.

We also discuss a variety of topics that include a $62,000 iPhone 4 encrusted with authentic dinosaur teeth and bits of meteor, a reboot to the original Tomb Raider video game, news on the forthcoming musical based on "American Psycho," and the real reason Wilson is currently in China.

Now that the New York Marathon is over, Caroline has the flexibility to indulge in food experimentation like the Bacon Explosion, which sounds like a meat lover's dream come true, except that Caroline is (mostly) vegetarian!

The Bacon Explosion was created by a Web site called BBQ Addicts, and consists of a 5X5 weave of bacon with bits of pork sausage sprinkled on top and fortified with even more bacon bits, all rolled into a disgustingly filling log of meat.

And since the holidays are coming up, why not skip the generic shirt, tie, robe, and socks gifts and ship your family the Bacon Explosion Pig-Porter that ships in its own piggy sleeve!

We're able to pull ourselves away from the images of bacon to chat about Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's interview on "60 Minutes" with Lesley Stahl. Although not everyone was happy about his "performance," there's no doubt Zuckerberg has evolved as a CEO since his last interview with Stahl on "60 Minutes" three years ago.

On the show, Mark discusses the newest Facebook profile revisions, "The Social Network," and his relationship to Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, the identical twins who accused him of stealing their idea for the original Facebook. Check out the face behind Facebook here!

Wilson is currently in China, but we're hoping he stops by the Wolong Giant Panda Reserve Center to join scientists as they dress up like giant Pandas to re-acclimate cubs back into the wild.

Although it's certainly more humanitarian, the panda plushies sound a lot like Furry Fandom, a phenomenon that takes interest in anthropomorphic animals and/or mythology creatures that are supposed to take on characteristics of the human being inside the costume. We'll leave the rest for Caroline to describe!

Enjoy the rest of the show, and don't forget to send your YouTube video messages to the404(at)cnet(dot)com, or leave us a voicemail by calling 1-866-404-CNET (2638)!

Episode 723


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