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The 404 715: Where we really grind our gears (podcast)

Natali Morris and Jill Schlesinger highlight today's show of texting 911 and Oprah's favorite things.

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Jill Schlesinger and Natali Morris join us on today's show as our Thanksgiving week without Justin Yu continues. Justin usually takes care of our daily blog post seen here but instead has opted to take off three days so he can read bedtime stories to his cat, Chairman Meow.

Today Jill and Natali help us make sense of the inherent dangers associated with allowing civilians to text, MMS, or even video stream to 911 rather than dialing in. Of course Wilson and I overlook the prime opportunities this would present hoodlums who will inevitably use the new technology for evil. While funny, we certainly wouldn't support pranking 911 with video of a fake incident. Not to worry though, Natali informs us that not only is there no funding for such a thing, it hasn't even been planned out at all, and it turns out it was just someone's idea that somehow made its way into mainstream news outlets.

Next up is Oprah Winfrey announcing that the iPad is her favorite thing ever. Though we're pretty sure Apple doesn't need the attention, it's hard for us to believe that Oprah even uses an iPad. We figure she'd just scream at it repeatedly and tell it that it's going on a 10-day trip to Europe over and over.

There are a tons of laughs on today's show, so be sure to tune in, plus some vital financial info that everyone shopping this holiday season needs to know! Jill tells us how much we should be spending on gifts this year, so make sure you've got a budget!

Episode 715


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