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The 404 707: Where Sweet Lou takes us back to the future (podcast)

Sweet Lou Bakalar comes on the show to embarrass the hell out of Jeff while he's honeymooning in Hawaii!

The (Revised) 404 Podcast CNET/The 404

Wilson and I are super jealous that Jeff is in Hawaii right now just playing ping pong in paradise, so we're taking this opportunity to chat with his Dad, Mr. Lou Bakalar, who joins us on today's episode to give us his insight into how Jeff grew up--turns out not much has changed since he turned 12!

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Sweet Lou made his broadcasting debut on The 404 earlier this year with traffic reports from the road, and we've been waiting for him to record a show with us ever since. If you've ever wondered about Jeff's childhood or how he got his start in the video game industry, this is the show to watch!

Lou also brings a bag of goodies with him to show us how much technology has progressed in the past 40-years. Between the Audiophiliac and Lou's records and 8-track tapes, we really take our digital music players and smartphones for granted.

Check out the slideshow below for a couple of pictures of Jeff and his brother as kids, and thanks again to Sweet Lou for helping us out today!

Episode 707


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