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The 404 698: Where we pour one out for a real mensch...mazel tov! (podcast)

Aunt Jill fills in for Jeff on the day before his big day and gives us tips on what to expect at a Jewish wedding. She also doles out handy financial advice and breaks down the three golden rules to financial success!

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With only one day left before Mr. Stacie Bakalar's wedding, we're sure Jeff is busy getting prepared for tomorrow's celebration. But before Wilson and I head blindly into the fray, we ask the Financial Decoder herself, Jill Schlesinger, to join us in Jeff's absence to give us a preview of what to expect at our first Jewish wedding.

Jill lays down several rules for proper etiquette, but we had no idea that although the ceremony itself will likely be short and sweet, clapping is frowned upon. So we'll keep our hands to ourselves.

Andy Rogers Photography

She also tells us about the traditional Jewish wedding chair dance that comes from the tradition of carrying royalty on chairs. We definitely have a lot to learn from Aunt Jill, and she even helps us decide exactly how much cash moneys to give to the happy couple.

Jill's very, very close to attaining her goal of 3,000 Twitter followers before the end of October, and with your help she''ll reach it, so follow her Tweets for daily financial tips that we can't always get to on The 404.

Jill always comes prepared with 404 listener questions, and today is no different. Along with advice about automatic routing within bank accounts (PIPs) and travel insurance (get it!), Jill also maps out the three golden rules for financial success:

1. Pay down your consumer debt (credit cards, car loans).

2. Have an emergency reserve fund that includes 6-12 months of living expenses tucked away.

3. Feed as much as you can into your 401k account, at least as much as your employer will match.

Most importantly, don't forget to set aside some money every month for your entertainment! This ensures that your binge drinking won't start at 11 a.m. like our friend Wilson this morning. Crossed fingers that we make it through Jeff's absence next week! Keep a lookout for more throwback episodes coming your way this weekend, and don't forget to send Jeff and Stacie your best YouTube video voice mail wishes to the404(at)cnet(dot)com!

Episode 698


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