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The 404 696: Where Jeff does the chair dance (podcast)

Natali Del Conte fills in for Justin Yu today, which happens to also be Jeff Bakalar's last day before he gets married! We talk about life after marriage, the PSP Phone, and get angry at Cablevision.

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On Jeff's last day on The 404 before he gets married, Justin unfortunately is out sick, but we've got something better! Ms. Natali Del Conte fills in, and we talk about life after getting married. Jeff admits he'll miss his days as a single guy. Don't worry, though, we'll be around to make sure he gets into enough trouble with his soon-to-be wife.

We do get into some tech stories today, and if you can't tell from the giant picture above, it's about the PSP Phone... or PlayStation Phone. Whatever it's called, we can't really figure out whether the photo, which was leaked on Engadget last night, is legit. It looks like it could be a Photoshop job, as there is nothing about the user interface that says PlayStation. But Jeff wonders out loud whether the oval-shapped indentions in the middle are really analog joysticks? And Natali wonders what's a analog joystick again?

PlayStation Phone
Is this legit? Engadget

After that, we get into some more Cablevision versus Fox outrage, which has stirred up a lot of questions from non-geeks these days because of the World Series. Scores of people in the Tri-State area are desperately trying to find ways to catch the games, which are still blocked from Cablevision customers. Jeff and Natali literally go on a tirade, while Wilson wants to know how this affects the debate about Net neutrality. (Wilson doesn't subscribe to cable video.)

Finally, we get to some voice mails about how Wilson dresses the best... strange. Maybe it's because he has a larger wardrobe that has more variety than black or flannel shirts? And we also get to a video voice mail from the self-proclaimed 404 Grandpa. Keep those video voice mails or video mails or video mails voices coming!

Episode 696


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