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The 404 692: Where NDC strikes back (podcast)

Natali Del Conte is back to reveal even more great news about her growing family! We also debut a batch of video voicemails, chat about Apple's Mac OS X Lion/Macbook Air news, and more!

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Sarah Austin

The 404 Podcast, and the CNET office in general, hasn't been the same without Natali Del Conte around, so we're all super psyched for the long-awaited return of NDC Thursdays...well, everyone except Wilson; he's at home waiting for the perfect time to interrupt today's show.

Although she describes the difficulty in leaving her newborn son at home, the self-proclaimed domestic diva is back in the office after her maternity leave to make her son proud!

Oh, she also tells us what she did on her lunch break yesterday, but that's no big deal...!!!! Don't miss the first half of today's episode, and be sure to send your congrats to the new Mrs. Morris!

At Apple's Mac OS X event yesterday, Steve Jobs unveiled both an update to Apple's MAC operating system, now called now with FaceTime,) as well as a refresh to the Macbook Air line of portable, and pricey, laptops. The new Airs are much smaller than the originals and now benefit from ultralong battery life and instant-on functionality thanks to the integrated solid-state drives.

Prices range from $999 up to $1,599 based on screen size (11.6-inch or 13.3-inch), processor type, and storage capacity. We're all still waiting for the next iPad to drop before we run to the nearest Apple Store, but keep an eye on for benchmark scores in an upcoming review.

We're also rolling out our first batch of VIDEO VOICEMAILS today and since they're just YouTube links people send over, check them out for yourself!!

Jeremy has bad news about "Back to the Future."

Aaron has good news from Hawaii.

Ben has nice things to say about The 404!

Michael has a deadly gift for Natali and Justin!

If you have something you want to say about the show, record a YouTube video and send the link to the404(at)cnet(dot)com and we'll play it on the air! As usual, audio voicemails are also welcome, and the number to dial is 1-866-404-CNET (2638).

Tune in tomorrow when TONY HAWK will once again join us in the studio to chat about skateboard, video games, and more!

Episode 692


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